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Mallows Bay - A Self Guided Tour of the Ghost Fleet

The "Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay" is home to the largest number of visible historic shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere, and offers a truly unique paddling experience.

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Mason Neck State Park: Eagle Tour

Paddling is one of the best ways to truly appreciate Mason Neck’s deep woods and lush brackish marshes. The calm, sheltered waters of Belmont Bay and Kanes Creek beckon you to explore, relax, and enjoy what nature has to offer here on Mason Neck.

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Paddle Back In Time to Westmoreland State Park

Paddling along the shoreline near Westmoreland State Park offers stunning views of sandstone cliffs rising one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet above the Potomac River, quiet waters, and beaches strewn with shark teeth, shells, and other fossils.

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Going Pleasantly Along Mattawoman Creek at Smallwood

Mattawoman Creek is a tidal-freshwater estuary representing approximately what the ideal conditions of a restored Chesapeake Bay would look like. The variety of local species make the creek a pleasant place to visit.

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Occoquan River Journey

A paddle on the Occoquan River, departing from the Occoquan Regional Park, offers a serene trip and scenic views of the historic town of Occoquan.

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Paddling after Pocahontas in Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve

Crow’s Nest is one of the few remaining undisturbed natural areas in the Mid-Atlantic, and the successful conservation of this 4000-acre peninsula was finally achieved in 2008.

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Running the Blockade at Leesylvania State Park

The name of this park means "Lee's Woodland," and got its name after Confederate general Robert E. Lee placed artillery positions in the area in 1861. It's a good place to paddle, as well as a place of historical significance.

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Point Lookout State Park: Looking Out on Our Nation’s River

Point Lookout has witnessed seminal historical moments, and today, the peninsula makes for an ideal paddling destination

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Wildlife In Leonardtown

McIntosh run is a quick escape into nature and solitude. The creek is narrow in parts and tree covered, making for a peaceful paddle. 

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A Presidential Paddle at Washington’s Birthplace

The George Washington Birthplace National Monument is the birthplace of several notable American political figures, including three presidents, and today can boast of beautiful bucolic scenery accessible to most kayakers.

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A Near New World Adventure at Newtowne Neck

Pastoral, undeveloped, and surrounded on 3 sides by water, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped onto the set of The New World or stepped back in time 300 years when you arrive on the peninsula of Newtowne Neck State Park.

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National Harbor: A Good Paddle Isn’t a Gamble

National Harbor gives families and beginning paddlers the opportunity to get out on the water while also enjoying a full suite of shops, restaurants, and entertainment right on the shore. 

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A Peacetime Paddle in the Shadow of Fort Washington

A paddle out of Fort Washington Marina offers an entry into the Potomac with views of the historic Fort, as well as access to Piscataway creek for an off-the-river excursion. 

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Fletcher’s Boathouse: A Cove Full of History

A paddle downriver out of Fletcher's Cove offers natural views of the Potomac River, with the C&O Canal National Park on the left shoreline and the George Washington Memorial Parkway on the right shoreline. 

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Georgetown Waterfront Park: From Rags to Riches

The Georgetown Waterfront is a popular site for beginner paddlers in D.C., offering scenic views of the Watergate Hotel, the Kennedy Center, and Theodore Roosevelt Island. 

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Key Bridge Boathouse: You Don’t Know Jack

The Key Bridge Boathouse, formerly called Jack's Boathouse, is an iconic paddle craft rental located on Washington, D.C. waterfront. Paddle upriver for natural scenery or downriver for the city scape of Arlington and skyline of Washington, D.C. 

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Dyke Marsh, The Belle of the Potomac

Belle Haven Marina’s kayak launch is perfectly located on the protected side of the point for easy access to paddle Dyke Marsh, one of the few remaining freshwater tidal wetlands on the Potomac.

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Coming ‘Round the Bend Loop

Though Riverbend Park is the head of the Potomac Gorge, you don’t have to be a whitewater daredevil to get out on the river here.

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Old Anglers Wayside

Part of the C&O Canal National Park, Anglers is perhaps the most popular put-in for intermediate whitewater kayakers and canoeists in the Washington DC area. From paddlers to lockkeepers to Supreme Court Justices, this area is steeped with history and legend.

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